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Camp Half-Blood

a safe haven for demigods

Camp Half-Blood - a Percy Jackson fan community
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Welcome to the first community for fans of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of books. This community is for discussion, fanfic, icons, fan art, etc. All pairings are welcome, with minor exceptions that will be explained below.


1. Treat each other with respect. Flaming of any sort will result in immediate removal and banning from the community.

2. No character and/or 'ship bashing--if you hate Thalia (to give a random example) that's fine, but that has no place here so please keep it to yourself. If you're a Percy/Annabeth 'shipper and someone posts Annabeth/Thalia, just DON'T READ IT. Civil discussion of why a particular character/'ship doesn't work for you is allowed, but see rule #1 for what happens if it degenerates into any sort of name-calling.

3. The following kinds of fanfic/fan art are NOT allowed 1) anything pairing one of the underage characters with an adult character that is not set AFTER they reach their majority, 2) parent/child or any other dubious consent forms of incest, 3) rape, non-con or dub-con of any kind, 4) R or NC-17 (M and M+) rated fic--while I have nothing against it personally, these are after all children's books and I've placed no age restrictions on the comm so please don't post it here as a courtesy, and 4) NO actor fic based on or around actors from the forthcoming movie, particularly the underage ones. In fact no RPF of ANY kind, so no Rick Riordan/JK Rowling or anything like that. ;-)

4. If you're ever not sure if a certain kind of post is allowed or not, PM the mod (azarsuerte) and ask. "If this isn't allowed, the mod can delete it" posts make her very irritable (because she finds them both presumptuous and responsibility-dodging) and usually result in things and/or people being banned that would otherwise be okay.

5. Have fun and don't do anything that'll ruin the fun for others!

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